Choosing your friends

As a minimalist it is not just important to declutter the psychical stuff but also the relationships in your life. Other people can lift you up or bring you down. People dictate your mood and how happy your day and life is. That’s why you should at least take control of who gets to make you happy or sad.

I read that one of the biggest regrets people have when they grow old, is not keeping in touch with old friends. That is why you should of course be vary of who you cut of of your life. And why you should fight for the good people in your life. At the same time one of the other biggest regrets was not letting themself be more happy. So why should you keep the friends that dont make up happy, when you could make more room for the ones that do make you happy and make you a better person.

But how do you choose who you want to spend your time with? You might have heard a million times, that you should spend time with people that inspire you. It is true. You should want to do better and be better when you are around them. You should smile, laugh and talk about your ideas. You should support and be there for each other. You should want to make new memories with them and not only talk about old ones. You deserve to be happy.

And just as important: who should you let go of? First of all let go of the toxic people. It is the people who talk behind others backs, wishes bad things for others, and do mean things and lie for fun. People who you can’t count on and you who aren’t there for you do not deserve part of you. And maybe you should rethink your relationship with people who just make you feel bad. Also with people who makes you feel like they dont have time for you. If you were a priority in their life, they would make the time. And dont feel like you have to keep being friends with someone just because the relationship is old. Accept that you have grown out of the relationship.

When you do decide on who to keep, you will have much more time to be there for the people who do make you happy. And if you find there is not a lot people left after decluttering then know that it is okay. You can always take up a new hobby to make new ones. Don’t be afraid.


// Someone free



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