Anti consumerism

I feel that minimalism is connected to anti consumerism. I know that not every one feels this way. I have seen people on youtube who own less than 100 things, but who keeps upgrading to the latest gadgets and things, and then tossing out the old ones. Thats something I don’t like. I like minimalism because for me it is not just about owning less stuff, but about using your money for more valuable things like experiences and not getting into deep debt. I am not just wanting to own and buy less stuff to save for more expensive material things. I want to combine it with anti consumerism. And for me that means escaping the race of keeping up with the Joneses and the chase of the american dream.

I don’t want to be part of a generation whos biggest concern is if they have enough money to buy the newest iPhone. I don’t want to compete with my friends about who has the most beautiful apartment and nicest clothes. I want to talk about meaningful things, and not about the new yeezys. I disturbs me greatly when people stand i line for hours outside stores to get the newest collection. I heard of boys from the eight grade(i DK this means they are 14-15 years old) sleeping outside H&M on the street to get Balmain clothes. The parents let their kids sleep on the street and let them use up all their savings and allowance.

I have also been a part of a facebook group, where people wrote eBay shopping tips. Some would just write: “I’m in the mood for shopping. What should I buy?” or “Just got my paycheck, so can finally shop again! Any tips?”. These people didn’t need anything the just wanted the trill of buying. I can’t imagine living from paycheck to paycheck. I want the security of having savings, and to have the money to have great experiences and give my future family and kids the chance to also feel safe and no worry about money.

I feel like achieving this has to come from escaping the consumerism. There are bigger things to life to aspire than to own more stuff and the latest goods. The biggest problem is not even the impact on your bank accounts. It is the impact on our environment. We are ruining the earth to produce more stuff and trashing it when we dump the old. As the say in the short film “The story of stuff“: We are not even having fun doing so. It is actually af series of short videoclips explaining where our stuff comes from, and its impact on economy and environment. I recommend these videos because they are explained with drawing and easy to start with. They have it spot on with the no having fun part. Years ago I heard a lecture about happiness, and the lecturer explained a study of happiness when getting a new phone. They found that when you purchase a new phone, you will get used to it, and you will not be any happier than you were with your  last one.

New stuff will not do the environment, your wallet or yourself any favors. So i think it is time to give up this race of materialism, and change the tabels. We need to find more important things to aspire for.


// Someone free


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