How to stop shopping

I have been trying to accomplish this lately. I really want to cut back on my shopping. I only want to shop for the bare minimum amount of stuff.  Because what do we really need but food and housing. Of course want other stuff like a computer, clothes, furniture and a cellphone. But I have all these things, so why buy more? I only need to replace all the things I already have when they are worn out. But why is it that we can’t be satisfied when we have all that we need? It is because we are constantly pressured to consume. Every where we go we are told to buy buy buy because only then will we be happy. I want to escape this so I am going to write down my tips to stop shopping.

  1. Stop looking for things to buy. This is actually one of my favorite tips. I have had the habit of looking at clothes when I was bored. That sounds innocent but it always made me wanna buy something. Also stop going to stores for fun. Shopping should not be a hobby. Go into nature instead.
  2. Limit the ads you see or listen to. Turn down the volume when there is an ad airing on the radio or tv. Ignore ads in magazines and unsubscribe to emails from companies and to companies on facebook and instagram.
  3. Save for something bigger. Let your money go to something you always wanted to experience. I am currently saving to go travel for 2 months.
  4. Always have a list when you go shopping and stick to that list.
  5. Resist the temptation to buy in bulk. You might save a little money but unless it is a product you know you love and will use up for sure don’t buy it. The chance is that you don’t like the product, find another you like better or it will expire.
  6. Focus on peoples others achievements , personality and the way they inspire you and don’t focus on the things they own. Then you will be less likely to trying to impress them with your own stuff.
  7. Have a rule that if you want something you have to wait a month before you buy it.
  8. Find use in and appreciate the things you already own.

These a the little tips I use so I can break my bad habits. Of course I am not perfect in this myself. But I believe you should thrive to become the person you want to be.




My mom made me this beautiful autumn bouquet.



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