Zero waste: Menstrual cup

This is seriously the best invention since women started bleeding. It has made my life so much easier. I have been using it for over 2 years now. When I first heard of it, the thought of it was really disgusting. But then a new friend later on told me about how fantastic it was and I haven’t used a single pad or tampon since the day I bought it.

I’m gonna list the reasons why everyone should use this:

  1. It is a zero waste miracle. So much paper is wasted every time women have their period. This thing lasts for 10 years, and for all this time your period will make no impact on the environment.
  2. Does not smell. Pads can have a disgusting odor, because pads prevent air from getting to the genitals. This is avoided with the cup.
  3. Does not mess with the environment “down there”. Tampons acts as a sponge which does not only suck up blood but also the natural fluids that keeps the vagina clean and healthy. This messes with vaginal pH and therefore makes a environment where bacteria thrive.
  4. No more pads sticking out of your bag. You will never have to stop your bag full of pads and tampons just in case. The only thing you need is one cup.
  5. Can be used for everything. You can use it when you have a heavy flow or just small spotting. You can sleep, run, swim and relax with it.
  6. Only has to be emptied twice a day. This really makes you forget you have your period. You might have to empty more than two times if your flow is really heavy but most days two times should be enough.
  7. It is the future. There has not been innovative thinking in women’s hygiene for decades, but this really the first thing that makes a difference. Women should not be less able to do what they normally do just because of a little bleeding.




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