Zero waste: Menstrual cup

This is seriously the best invention since women started bleeding. It has made my life so much easier. I have been using it for over 2 years now. When I first heard of it, the thought of it was really disgusting. But then a new friend later on told me about how fantastic it was and I haven’t used a single pad or tampon since the day I bought it.

I’m gonna list the reasons why everyone should use this:

  1. It is a zero waste miracle. So much paper is wasted every time women have their period. This thing lasts for 10 years, and for all this time your period will make no impact on the environment.
  2. Does not smell. Pads can have a disgusting odor, because pads prevent air from getting to the genitals. This is avoided with the cup.
  3. Does not mess with the environment “down there”. Tampons acts as a sponge which does not only suck up blood but also the natural fluids that keeps the vagina clean and healthy. This messes with vaginal pH and therefore makes a environment where bacteria thrive.
  4. No more pads sticking out of your bag. You will never have to stop your bag full of pads and tampons just in case. The only thing you need is one cup.
  5. Can be used for everything. You can use it when you have a heavy flow or just small spotting. You can sleep, run, swim and relax with it.
  6. Only has to be emptied twice a day. This really makes you forget you have your period. You might have to empty more than two times if your flow is really heavy but most days two times should be enough.
  7. It is the future. There has not been innovative thinking in women’s hygiene for decades, but this really the first thing that makes a difference. Women should not be less able to do what they normally do just because of a little bleeding.




How to stop shopping

I have been trying to accomplish this lately. I really want to cut back on my shopping. I only want to shop for the bare minimum amount of stuff.  Because what do we really need but food and housing. Of course want other stuff like a computer, clothes, furniture and a cellphone. But I have all these things, so why buy more? I only need to replace all the things I already have when they are worn out. But why is it that we can’t be satisfied when we have all that we need? It is because we are constantly pressured to consume. Every where we go we are told to buy buy buy because only then will we be happy. I want to escape this so I am going to write down my tips to stop shopping.

  1. Stop looking for things to buy. This is actually one of my favorite tips. I have had the habit of looking at clothes when I was bored. That sounds innocent but it always made me wanna buy something. Also stop going to stores for fun. Shopping should not be a hobby. Go into nature instead.
  2. Limit the ads you see or listen to. Turn down the volume when there is an ad airing on the radio or tv. Ignore ads in magazines and unsubscribe to emails from companies and to companies on facebook and instagram.
  3. Save for something bigger. Let your money go to something you always wanted to experience. I am currently saving to go travel for 2 months.
  4. Always have a list when you go shopping and stick to that list.
  5. Resist the temptation to buy in bulk. You might save a little money but unless it is a product you know you love and will use up for sure don’t buy it. The chance is that you don’t like the product, find another you like better or it will expire.
  6. Focus on peoples others achievements , personality and the way they inspire you and don’t focus on the things they own. Then you will be less likely to trying to impress them with your own stuff.
  7. Have a rule that if you want something you have to wait a month before you buy it.
  8. Find use in and appreciate the things you already own.

These a the little tips I use so I can break my bad habits. Of course I am not perfect in this myself. But I believe you should thrive to become the person you want to be.




My mom made me this beautiful autumn bouquet.


Anti consumerism

I feel that minimalism is connected to anti consumerism. I know that not every one feels this way. I have seen people on youtube who own less than 100 things, but who keeps upgrading to the latest gadgets and things, and then tossing out the old ones. Thats something I don’t like. I like minimalism because for me it is not just about owning less stuff, but about using your money for more valuable things like experiences and not getting into deep debt. I am not just wanting to own and buy less stuff to save for more expensive material things. I want to combine it with anti consumerism. And for me that means escaping the race of keeping up with the Joneses and the chase of the american dream.

I don’t want to be part of a generation whos biggest concern is if they have enough money to buy the newest iPhone. I don’t want to compete with my friends about who has the most beautiful apartment and nicest clothes. I want to talk about meaningful things, and not about the new yeezys. I disturbs me greatly when people stand i line for hours outside stores to get the newest collection. I heard of boys from the eight grade(i DK this means they are 14-15 years old) sleeping outside H&M on the street to get Balmain clothes. The parents let their kids sleep on the street and let them use up all their savings and allowance.

I have also been a part of a facebook group, where people wrote eBay shopping tips. Some would just write: “I’m in the mood for shopping. What should I buy?” or “Just got my paycheck, so can finally shop again! Any tips?”. These people didn’t need anything the just wanted the trill of buying. I can’t imagine living from paycheck to paycheck. I want the security of having savings, and to have the money to have great experiences and give my future family and kids the chance to also feel safe and no worry about money.

I feel like achieving this has to come from escaping the consumerism. There are bigger things to life to aspire than to own more stuff and the latest goods. The biggest problem is not even the impact on your bank accounts. It is the impact on our environment. We are ruining the earth to produce more stuff and trashing it when we dump the old. As the say in the short film “The story of stuff“: We are not even having fun doing so. It is actually af series of short videoclips explaining where our stuff comes from, and its impact on economy and environment. I recommend these videos because they are explained with drawing and easy to start with. They have it spot on with the no having fun part. Years ago I heard a lecture about happiness, and the lecturer explained a study of happiness when getting a new phone. They found that when you purchase a new phone, you will get used to it, and you will not be any happier than you were with your  last one.

New stuff will not do the environment, your wallet or yourself any favors. So i think it is time to give up this race of materialism, and change the tabels. We need to find more important things to aspire for.


// Someone free

Choosing your friends

As a minimalist it is not just important to declutter the psychical stuff but also the relationships in your life. Other people can lift you up or bring you down. People dictate your mood and how happy your day and life is. That’s why you should at least take control of who gets to make you happy or sad.

I read that one of the biggest regrets people have when they grow old, is not keeping in touch with old friends. That is why you should of course be vary of who you cut of of your life. And why you should fight for the good people in your life. At the same time one of the other biggest regrets was not letting themself be more happy. So why should you keep the friends that dont make up happy, when you could make more room for the ones that do make you happy and make you a better person.

But how do you choose who you want to spend your time with? You might have heard a million times, that you should spend time with people that inspire you. It is true. You should want to do better and be better when you are around them. You should smile, laugh and talk about your ideas. You should support and be there for each other. You should want to make new memories with them and not only talk about old ones. You deserve to be happy.

And just as important: who should you let go of? First of all let go of the toxic people. It is the people who talk behind others backs, wishes bad things for others, and do mean things and lie for fun. People who you can’t count on and you who aren’t there for you do not deserve part of you. And maybe you should rethink your relationship with people who just make you feel bad. Also with people who makes you feel like they dont have time for you. If you were a priority in their life, they would make the time. And dont feel like you have to keep being friends with someone just because the relationship is old. Accept that you have grown out of the relationship.

When you do decide on who to keep, you will have much more time to be there for the people who do make you happy. And if you find there is not a lot people left after decluttering then know that it is okay. You can always take up a new hobby to make new ones. Don’t be afraid.


// Someone free


Meeting minimalism

I was always a hoarder. Not extreme because a was just a kid, but I was the kind of kid that could not throw out the box from McDonalds happy meal. I also saved old candy that I got at other children’s birthday parties for months, kept old magazines, popsicle sticks, stones, birthday cards, clothes that were to small, gift wrapping  and all kind of knick knacks I had found. I kept everything I could get my hands on and saved it. Because what if I could use it some day.

My parents always thought me that you only throw things away if there is no chance in hell that it can be fixed. Not that that is bad at all, but not throwing things away didn’t keep us from accumulating new stuff. And because of all the stuff I had, I always had a messy room. There was no way that I could keep a room with that much stuff tidy. I was told many times to clean up my room, but  always I gave up before I had even started or not long after I had begun. I shoved the mess under the bed and into the drawers and closets so that the room looked clear. I think many people do this on some level. That bad thing about this was that it only lasted until I opened my closet again.

Dont get me wrong. I dont think we were any different from the average danish family, but when I moved out at 19 and packed all my stuff, I had 11 full moving boxes plus all my furniture and clothes. And that was not counting all my toys that had been packed and put to storage years ago and the things my parents kept.  I could not possibly bring it all to my new small apartment, so to storage it went.

I first discovered minimalism about a year ago on youtube. Many will at first glance think minimalism is about not owning anything and so did I. But thats not the case. As I explored the topic, I found that minimalism is much deeper. Of course the term can be perceived very different, but I found the deeper meaning most appealing. Minimalism is about living a simple life. Simple in all aspects of life. It is not about not owning anything for me. It’s about having only the things you love, having more time, and having less clutter, less to worry about, less to clean, less thoughts, less trouble, less struggling, less debt. The simple life makes room for more.

I didn’t understand this until a year ago. The first part of minimalism I addressed was the accumulation. I thought about all the things I had and the things I wanted. I always thought that someday I would have all I ever wanted, but I every time I crossed something of my wish list, I would find a new thing that I needed so bad. I realized that I would never reach that state of having all the stuff I could ever wish for. There wall always be new things to wish for. That is why you should escape the endless accumulating and look for more elsewhere. And so I try to.

I think that is it for today. I might address other parts of minimalism later on.

// Peace from someone free.


I have made so many campfires this summer. So soothing to stare at.